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Optical illusions that can drive you crazy


Nothing makes a person more aware of the fragile understanding of reality, as an optical illusions. We are just a collection of shooting synapses held together in a mobile aquarium. At least, many felt so after the optical illusion with the color of the dress. If you love this feeling of complete disorientation, then below you will find visual puzzles that will make your brain sweat.

How about this woman riding a carpet-plane?

“Magic, is not it?” Asks my embarrassed brain.

How about this terrible monster. He does not even need the back of his torso!

Or a couple who is going on a trip:

If you want something more useful, how about this bowl of flour?

What about dogs merged together:

Optical illusion of cat!

Freakishly long arm;)

long arm

Man smells something:

Man smells something

Man having a ride

Man having a ride

The brain sees this, but the mind and heart refuse to accept. Cling to reality as much as you can, because you never know when you will lose touch with it!