British man captured phenomena occurring after grandmother’s death


    Citizen of Manchester has recently been able to film a horrible event in his house. Paul claims that the camera got a paranormal phenomenon. The action took place with the participation of household appliances, standing in the house. A few weeks ago his grandmother died, since then the house lives its own life.

    The record shows how the refrigerator and other equipment begin to move, doors open themselves. As Paul and his wife say, at the same time you can hear strange sounds. Sometimes they cause anxiety, sometimes soothe.

    According to the men, he and his wife rent housing for 6 months. Everything was fine, until Paul’s grandmother died. After that, household appliances began to go crazy, move around and make strange sounds. A man can not choose reasonable explanations.

    “What is horrible in the lens of my camera can serve as a proof of the existence of paranormal phenomena.”