A rescued miniature cow who considers herself as a dog


    A miniature cow named Moonpai was rescued from an auction of livestock and brought to a shelter. That day turned out to be cold and windy, and the cow was too small to leave it in the shed. Janice Wolf took the pet home, where she made friends with 12 dogs.

    Meet Moonpie, the miniature rescue cow who lives with 12 dogs and thinks she’s one of them

    She was spotted at a livestock auction house, got rescued and was taken to Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary

    As the weather was really bad and she was too small to be outside with the other cows…

    Moonpie stayed in her human mom’s bedroom and eventually befriended her canine companions

    “She accepts them as her buddies…”

    “The dogs are her surrogate moms”

    “They clean her face, the way her mother would have. They love to do that…”

    “They were all thrilled to see her.” However, Moonpie is particulary fond of a deaf bull terrier Spackle