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Italian style tricks should be adopted by all men


Just a phrase Made in Italy tells us just as much as Made in China. Italian style is associated with something luxurious, high-quality and, of course, fashionable. Dressing like the cover of the magazine, it seems, is laid by the inhabitants of this country in the blood. But learning how to look stylish is simple enough. The main thing is to be guided by certain rules.

We suggest you be inspired by the style of Italian men and borrow from them a couple of secrets for your wardrobe.

1. Choose a free cut

In Italian there is the term la sprezzatura, which implies a certain negligence in style. This is exactly what men are guided by, choosing their image. In the closet of the Italian you will find jackets of free cut: they do not fetter his movements and make you feel comfortable both on a walk in the park and at an official meeting.

2.  Experiment with color
Italian style
Italian style

Who said that pink color can be worn only by women? Italians laugh at such stereotypes, because their wardrobe is full of colors. Men in Italy combine bright shirts with suits of neutral shades or, for example, dilute a serious business image with a colorful cardigan thrown over the shoulders.

3. Do not be afraid of hats

style tricks

Italians abandoned the standard caps in favor of stylish headgear, such as, for example, felt hat. In addition to being an original addition to the image, the hat also saves from the scorching Italian sun.

4. Supplement the image with accessories

italian accessories

A massive sports watch, a small handkerchief peeping out of the upper breast pocket of the jacket, vintage sunglasses, a belt in the shade of the shoe and shiny cufflinks on the shirt: the Italians are not afraid of accessories, but, on the contrary, are actively using them. With the help of such details, the image becomes complete and, as they say, delicious. Such a man is interesting to consider, as a beautiful picture in the magazine.

5. Give preference to the stitches, not to the socks

style trick

Italians are real fetishists in terms of socks. On average, each man in the box can find about 17 different pairs. However, an increasing popularity is gained by fantasmino, or by the footprints. These socks are so short that from the side it gives the impression, as if you put on shoes on your bare foot. It looks strange, but still stylish.

6. Give priority to plain t-shirts

italy men style

Italians know that monochrome t-shirts look much more expensive than those that are full of drawings and inscriptions (although in reality everything can be quite the opposite). However, “clean” T-shirts are perfect for both classic pants and jeans. Therefore, buy in your base wardrobe shirts of white, gray and black.

Men from which countries do you consider to be the most stylish?

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