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Celebrities and their strange and unusual signatures


The signature is an integral part of the individuality of each person, because we all had to spend some time to come up with our own. But famous people, whose profession is often connected with the distribution of autographs, are approaching the creation of their own scribbles with a special fantasy. We suggest you read the signatures of celebrities and conclude whether they are related to your idea of these people? After all, the signature is also a small mirror of the soul.

1. Signature of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Signature

2. Signature of Vincent Price, an American actor known for his voice and roles in horror films

Vincent Price Signature

3. Signature of Walt DisneySignature of Walt Disney

4. Mark Zuckerberg Signature

Mark Zuckerberg Signature

5. Pablo Picasso signature

Pablo Picasso signature

6. Michael Jackson Signature

Michael Jackson Signature

7. Barack Obama Signature

Barack Obama Signature

8. Donald Trump Signature

Donald Trump Signature

9. Leonardo da Vinci Signature

Leonardo da Vinci Signature

10. Hugh Jackman Signature

Hugh Jackman Signature

11. Bruce Lee Signature

Bruce Lee Signature

12. Diego Maradona Signature

Diego Maradona Signature

13. Shia Labaf Signature

Shia Labaf Signature

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