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What men want from a relationship in fact


Dr. George Crane in the 30-ies of the twentieth century developed a system of rating tables that allowed the estimate his wife (and vice versa). The negligent wife could only get her deserved minus because she decided to make her nails with red lacquer or decided to go to sleep in curlers. It’s frightening to even imagine what the couple was arguing about. But since then almost 100 years have passed, and ideas about good wives have changed. In this article, we tried to understand what the demands of modern men to the women and what they generally want from the relationship.

We dream that all families are happy, and therefore gathered for you the most common ideas about what men really want. Some of them we managed to refute, while others proved to be very tenacious and are not going to become obsolete.

1. Men do not endure flattery


It is believed that all men are crazy about flattery. However, the professional coach and specialist in marital relations Rinatta Paris argues that honesty is valued by men as highly as loyalty, respect and outward attractiveness.

Indeed, men want to hear the truth from the companion of life, but prefer that it was all the same, not criticism. In general, the ideal wife, according to Internet users, should honestly express their opinion, but not to condemn.

2. Men do not mind to talk about life

Strangely enough, they are not against idle chatter. Contrary to the established opinion, men do not like silence – they are really interested in how things are with you. We’re not kidding.

Speaker of the University of Kansas and talented writer Deji Akingbade (Deji Akingbade) argues that one of the main reasons for the collapse of families is the lack of communication. If you do not have anything to talk about, then this is a very disturbing sign. Communication helps to understand each other’s feelings, because people have not yet learned to read the thoughts.

3. Men love women who do make up

Most men claim that there is nothing better than natural female beauty, but this is wickedness. According to the American dating site, women who apply makeup and make styling, receive much more offers of acquaintance. Thus, external attractiveness and brightness are still appreciated by men.

4. The way to the heart of a man really lies through the stomach

Men are interested in home food, and psychologist and coach in the field of romantic relations Patrick Vanis sure that cooking and does have almost a sacral character.

Appetizing smells create a feeling of coziness, and even the guys are really happy that the beloved performed a kind of feat and mastered a really complicated recipe. Men love women who cook for them, and this is not a stereotype.

5.Men do not want unnecessary attention from strangers

If you do not think your life without Facebook or Instagram and share personal details easily and easily, then be prepared for the fact that it strains others. Men are wary of dubious popularity in social networks and do not dream of becoming heroes of discussions. Psychologists say that men prefer to avoid unnecessary attention and appreciate women who know how to keep the secret of their personal lives.