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Bear climbed to jacuzzi and became the hero of the summer2018


Do you want to look at the bear climbed to jacuzzi, then steals Margarita and falls asleep for a while? Then you come here.

A real icon of the summer of 2018 was found, it was a bear who had recently made his way to the courtyard, having decided to get wet in the jacuzzi, having drained Margarita’s another cocktail and having pinned for a couple of hours on a tree.

Mark Hugh, who spotted the bear in his patio in California, said that he and his wife relaxed outside, enjoyed their drinks, and at that moment an uninvited guest came.

“My wife, returning from work, decided to drink a cocktail to Margarita, so we went to the pool with glasses to relax in the fresh air,” says Hugh. “At that moment, I heard the branches cracking from the neighbor’s side.”

When the cracking intensified, Hugh came up to sort out the situation.”I understood:” Oh, God, the bear is getting into our yard! “, Says Hugh. “I shouted to my wife that she would grab the dogs, because they too were lying with us in the sun and ran to the house.”

A few minutes later he decided to leave the house to check if the bear had left. At first he thought that the beast had departed to his domain, but then he looked to the right.

“And now, Bear climbed to jacuzzi,” says Hugh.

Bear climbed to jacuzzi

Hugh said that the bear “skated inside, having fun, playing with a chlorinator and a thermometer, grabbing a string of a thermometer and throwing it into the air.” He got up about five meters and started shooting. The bear was “playful” and “kinda sweet and huge,” Hugh says.

As a result, the bear got out of the jacuzzi and headed for Margarita Hugh left on the table (her wife took her when she ran into the house). “The bear climbed to jacuzzi, drops Margarita and starts licking it,” says Hugh.

The bear, which may have been slightly drunk, decided to nibble a little. “He walked around the yard and, in the end, climbed a tree, where he was dozing for two hours,” Hugh concludes. The bear woke up and soon left. Hugh never saw the bear again, but the neighbors reported meeting him after a couple of days.

Deputy County Sheriff of Los Angeles County Joanna Warren told The Associated Press that on Friday there were six calls that the bear was seen in the district, but it was never found. The police did not immediately respond to the media’s request. Only then it turned out that the situation was actually quite dangerous.

“I was not really afraid,” Hugh says. “He seemed rather calm, so I remained calm. Within a few hours, I thought, “What did I just do?”